Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bringing Peace Into the Home

Bringing Peace Into the Home is a campaign started by Liz Lemon Swindle.  Liz is an international artist whose desire is to teach and inspire through art. The Editor behind this campaign is Gina Bagley. Gina writes, "Does putting our kids in time out really work?  I was giving this some thought one day and came up with the idea of "Time Out with a Twist". Instead of taking two arguing children to their rooms I decided to put them in front of a painting of Jesus that hangs in our home.  I then told them to look at the picture of Jesus and talk to each other about what it meant to them. I saw a difference with these two children.  I have since looked for art to put into my home that teaches and inspires.  Art is an incredible way to teach lessons to children and even ourselves.  Often when I need a break I will sit down and look at the painting of Jesus on my wall and spend a quiet moment or two learning a few things about myself."

Do you think by having art in your home that has purpose and meaning can make a difference?  Tell us what your thoughts are and if you have had any inspiring stories with art that you are willing to share.

Notice in the two pictures above. Simply by placing an inspirational piece of art with this already beautiful decor immediately brought about a new feeling, with more purpose.  Look for areas in your home where you can place beautiful art that will teach, inspire and add purpose.  A great resource is Foundation Arts.  Get on this site to see the wide variety of inspirational paintings and gift ideas that will truly inspire and bring peace and purpose into your home and to those who you care about.

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  1. I love the idea of teaching children to focus on the Savior when they're having a difficult time. It falls in line completely with what my friends and I have been trying to do in our families after our Institute teacher challenged us to think of Christ always and bring Him into the forefront of our lives. Not just in thought, but in our conversations, our problem solving, our actions... I need a picture!