Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Parables and Michael & Liz Make New DVD

I recently attended one of Liz's photo shoots on "The Parables".  What an amazing experience.  No one could hold back the tears as we watched the models come to life as they portrayed their roles so well. The 2 models enacted Christ and a modern day version of the lost sheep that seemed so lifelike and real that you were in awe while observing.

Just the other day Michael McLean came into the studio with an idea for his Forgotten Carols.  He had written a new song and wanted to put several of Liz's painting of Christ, his birth and life on a large screen to be shown in a slide presentation as the Forgotten Carol's closing number.

We now have Michael's new song along with Liz's beautiful art work in a brand new DVD titled "Arise and Shine Forth".  If you would like a sneak peak of this amazing DVD you can see the actual video by going to: CLICK Foundation Arts

Gina Bagley
Editor in Chief 
Foundation Arts

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