Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dinner Table

When I was growing up my dad would come home from work and we would all gather for dinner. We talked of things that happened that day. I did not know then how therapeutic that was. It was just something that we did every night. Now I look back and it was there at the dinner table where questions were answered and strength was given.

Today I come home from work and we all gather for dinner. I love to hear what happened to my children during the day. I love to listen to them complain and laugh about funny things. It is there that I often sense a child has had a rough day. I am hoping that they too receive answers to their questions and strength to their souls. It has become a tradition in my home as it was when I was young.

I discovered recently that many families don’t eat at a table but in front of the television. How sad to lose those moments of answering and strengthening. If there was one thing that I would use it would be the time when the family gathers for dinner. The time to teach and discuss and strengthen is between bites of roast beef and potatoes. Just a thought, but maybe telling a story of Jesus with a picture that shows it all would give the strength to our children that  they need today.

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