Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Get VIP Tickets to MEET LIZ in Person

If you have seen Liz's work there is no doubt that she has an immense love for the Savior and is a believer in his life and his teachings.  Liz Lemon Swindle has actually painted more pictures of Christ and his life here upon this earth than any other artist living or deceased.

The original copy of her most recent work "Come Follow Me" will be unveiled the second weekend in December at the The Joseph Smith Memorial building and Repartee Gallery in both Salt Lake City and Orem, Utah.

We have a limited amount of VIP Tickets available where you can meet Liz in person and receive a special gift.  Also if you have any of Liz's work you are able to bring it in for her to personally sign.

For tickets (6 per family) please contact me at cori.foundationart@gmail.com with the following: Number of tickets you need and the location you will be attending.

Joseph Smith Memorial Building15 E. South Temple, SLC          
Fri. Dec. 10, 6 - 9 pm
Repartee Gallery- 1110 E. Fort Union Blvd./above Desert Book   
Sat. Dec.11, 11- 2pm
Repartee Gallery- University Mall Suite J-168, Orem                    
Sat. Dec. 11,   6 - 9 pm

                                                NEW CONTEST
                        Be one of 5 Winners of "Come Follow Me"

Every purchase you make on www.foundationarts.com you receive an entry to win.  For more entries do the following:

1- Email cori@foundationarts.com (this will also subscribe you to our newsletter)

2- Become a follower of
In the comments section write "WHY" you want to win this painting.

3- Copy and paste this contest onto your Blog or Facebook wall and write or blog about it.
Contest Ends December 10th.  5 winners will be contacted and given one week to respond.  If you don't respond we will draw another winner. 
For the names of last months "Be It Unto Me" winners go to:


  1. WHY do I want this? Well when I first saw this incredible creation I thought of my niece, she is one and has the most amazing spirit. She is loving, accepting, sweet, funny, and so totally beautiful! She loves Jesus and whenever she see's pictures of Him she LIGHTS up and she doesn't have a decent picture in her home to remind her of her Savior. Her home life is tough and she needs a reminder for the rest of her life of someone who will love and protect her always and forever. This will also be a reminder of who is watching over the home and those within it's walls.

  2. I want to win this painting because I love to see my daughter's face when she recognizes Jesus in a painting.

  3. I want to win this Painting because it brings such joy into my heart when I look at it. I know that sounds cheesy, but this picture is a constant reminder that Christ is always there for me and everyone else. I Love it so much!

  4. I want to win this painting, because Liz is my favorite artist. Her work touches my soul. There is a feeling of peace that comes over me when I look at the rich detail of this work of art. Her work "Standard Of Liberty" is the reason I started my business, designing Faith-Based Medallions for the LDS market.

  5. WOW! This painting is BEAUTIFUL! It is so peaceful!!! I would love to hang this in my home and be able to look at it every day! I would love to be able to point to it every morning with my baby boy in my arms and tell him all about what that painting means! :) (Thank you to Liz for creating such beautiful art work!)

  6. We have friends who have spent time where Jesus walked. We love to spend time talking about those pictures that they have brought back to share with us. Our family would enjoy this creation which would allow us to think more about Christ and his work.