Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Return To The Family

As Liz Lemon Swindle's publicist I get the opportunity to share with you the many projects that Liz is working on as well as endorses.  The most recent project "Return to the Family" was the combined efforts of 3 mothers who also have experience as Bloggers.   If you are a Blogger who is looking for a worthy message to share on the family this may grab your attention. In "Return to the Family, every month a participant receives a painting with a list of core values and principals. The objective is to create a "Dinner Table Conversation" by showing the painting and discussing what each person thinks the painting represents. (December's painting "O Holy Night" is shown above.)

As Liz state so eloquently, "We have spent so much of our time trying to give our children everything, that we have left them with nothing."   The hopes of this campaign is to help bring families together at dinner and to open up conversations that will teach, inspire and increase solid family ties.

For more information on the "Return To The Family" campaign along with our Bloggers Affiliate Program please contact me at or go to:


Cori Dyer
Foundation Arts

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