Friday, November 5, 2010

"Watching Liz At Work" ~ By Cori Dyer

For the past several days I have had the opportunity to watch international artist Liz Lemon Swindle direct several photo shoots for some of her up and coming paintings in "The Parables" project.

"The Parables" project is a collection of over 50 paintings that represent on canvas both the Biblical and modern day settings of Christ's parables as in the New Testament.  

Each of "The Parables" paintings have hidden symbols that the viewer can find.  These symbols are a representation of Christ's hidden message that he wove into his parables.

This collection will not be completed until 2012 but you can start your own exclusive collection of "The Parables" right now by going to:

LEFT: Liz Lemon Swindle reviewing photo phoot 

When viewing "The Parables" look for the completed Biblical and modern day version of:  The Rich Young Ruler, The Great Supper and I Would Gather Thee.

Parables with the completed Biblical settings are: The Wheat and The Tares, The Prodigal Son,  The Black Sheep, The Sheep and The Goats, The Good Shepherd and The Good Samaritan.

Photo shoot of modern day Lost Sheep                       Liz Lemon Swindle and model Nichole                                                                                                     
with Painting of Completed Biblical setting

Another way to start your parables collection is by ordering the "2011 Parables Calendar" at:  OR by going to one of the following retailers:          Harmons, Maceys, Deseret Book, Roberts and participating Hallmark stores.


  1. ♥Can't wait to see this one♥I of course save every calendar :)

  2. Your painting of Mary and baby Jesus was my favorite when I discovered your art several years ago. I loved it so much I bought several prints of it and gave it to my family for Christmas. Last week I saw it in the store and wished I have bought myself a print.

    I would love to have that painting in my home to remind myself, my husband and four children of the birth of our Savior as the beginning of the greatest gift they will ever have - the life, love and sacrifice of a Savior who makes happiness, forgiveness and Eternal life possible.

    Laila Garza

  3. The painting of Mary and the baby Jesus reminds me how dear our children are to us. Even Mary, as the mother of Jesus Christ, loved him as a baby. When each one of my children were born I was amazed at the love I felt for each one. An elderly great aunt told me when I expressed to her how much I loved my child "you would suffer death for them". That is so true. We hold these precious babies so close praying that they will embrace the gospel and be able to return to our Heavenly Home. Mary, I am sure, had those same thoughts. How beautiful!

  4. As I stated in my comment I failed to add I would love the print in my home. Thank you

  5. The pure love of a mother and child is so hard to put into words. I have a difficult time to this day to explain it. It is easy to see and feel the love Mary has by the way she wraps her arms so tightly around her baby our Savior and look at her eyes. They express her love completely. I could not find any painting of Christ that gave me the hope and peace I was looking for until I saw "Let The Children Come". That is how I envisioned our Savior. Approachable. I would love this picture to add as visual reminder of a mothers love and sacrifice. I believe all mothers can relate to the awesome responsibility that we are charged with. What a gift we are giving to be mothers. Your paintings have truly giving me back the hope and peace I have longed for. Thanks for sharing your talent. I know your paintings have changed lives. At least I know it did for me, and my family. Thanks Liz.

  6. I'm not newly married, but new enough to where our house is still being made a home. We have two kids so extra money is not spent on artwork though I do have one of Christ that hangs in our living room. I have scanned through your blog and what beautiful work you do! I think contests are a great way to have you work recognized. I would have never come across this. And to know your blog is actually you. Anyway, I can go on and on, but I would enjoy one of your paintings in my home to help invite the Spirit and teach our children through art the beauty of our Savior. Thanks for doing something like this!

  7. This painting brings tears to my eyes. Through art and photographs, the world gets to see and feel through that sight, moments that touch the heart, literally! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with others that we may all feel!