Friday, October 22, 2010

Bringing Peace Into the Home

We have just launched our newsletter titled "Bringing Peace Into the
Home". If would like an emailed copy along with also our most recent video we did
with Michael McLean titled "Arise and Shine Forth", please email


  1. i love your work i am recently divorced and getting back on my feet the one thing that has kept me strong is your art. Every time i see it i get a overwhelming feeling of joy and comfort. I would be honored to have my own piece of your work to hang in my home to look at every day and help me stay strong.

  2. I would love to win your painting. I think you are the best LDS painter there is. I especially love your pictures of The Savior because they are so real and show personality.This picture is so beautiful. It reminds me of Mary's Lullabye "But tonight you are mine"
    I've told you this before, but I also love your As a hen gathereth her chicks picture. It is almost my very favorite. All of the things I learn through being a parent about my Father in Heaven and what He is trying to teach me and how patient He is with me.

  3. There truly is something about art that speaks directly to our hearts in a way no words could ever express. This picture is one of my all time favorites! As I look at this picture and into the eyes of Mary I can feel her fear and anxiety of the challenges that she will surely face. Her eyes also have a softness to them that speaks of her love and devotion, hope for a bright future, and her unwavering trust in our Eternal Father through the hard times ahead.

    "Be It Unto Me" is a perfect title for this piece of art. I would love to have this beautiful piece in my home as a constant reminder of her strength and faith as I strive to emulate some of her same incredible attributes. I hope as I am asked to do things that seem impossible or that I feel I am not strong enough to conquer that I will have her courage to say, "Be it unto me according to thy word" and then to press on with faith.

    Thank you for your work and the strength that it gives us all.